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"In my work I love to invoke a strong desire that speaks to you and gets you to reflect, feel passionate and inspired in your own life. My art is nourishment for the Soul."

Angel of Blessings

Luxury Limited Edition With Diamond Dust


– Luxury Limited Edition With Diamond Dust
– German Hahnmuel Etching Paper 310gsm

The Angels bright colouring, along with the sparkle of the diamond dust bring a feeling of warmth and happiness, which would make them the perfect Christmas present for a loved one or why not, for yourself!

Two sizes: 

Edition of 50 with Diamond Dust
Size : 41cm x 33cm –
Retail price: £280
Launch price: £220

Edition 200 without Diamond Dust
Size : 41cm x 33cm
Retail price: £220
Launch price: £180

Large Angel of Blessings 
Edition of 10 
Size 120cm x 90cm
Retail price: £1400
Launch price: £1200

iaysha art Cushions

Luxury Cushions Linen & Cotton Blend, Feather Filled (£45 each)

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For me, my art is an organic process. Each piece of work can be inspired by nature, music or even a meditation…
To invite these cushions into your living space is a way of me sharing my passion with you in the hope that they will enhance not just your interiors but your mood and sense of well being.

“Art is one of the few wonders that speak to you without uttering a word.”

- iaysha salih

New limited Edition Prints

German Etching Paper 310gms, Paper size  400mm x 400mm



“I love painting and the creative process. connecting with my clients in order to
convey their spiritual and artistic vision is both exciting and rewarding.”

Iaysha receives commissions worldwide and over the past 20 years has painted beautiful artworks for family homes, private collections, through to corporate workspaces and international organisations.

Iaysha is happy to work with you to create a unique piece of art that is both personal and meaningful for you.

For further information about commissions please contact Iaysha directly by email

Iaysha Salih

About me

Iaysha’s work reflects the soul of the artist and represents her spiritual journey through life. Swathes of colour in abstract composition…

Latest Works


Here are my latest paintings. To view my whole collection please visit paintings on this website. “When I look at a piece of art no matter who the artist is, I look deep into the soul of the painting and experience a different quality of energy
– I imagine that it’s a dance or a song. “
Enjoy the visual experience!

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  • Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells
  • Scott Lloyd Leisure Center
  • SJD Projects
  • Ward Homes
  • Queens Hote, Somerset

What's On?


I regularly show my art at exhibitions throughout the UK.
For details of upcoming events please click the link.

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