About Iaysha

I use painting as a form of meditation, and healing. As an artist I work to create a space for contemplation, to delve deeper opening the capacity to feel rather than think. My work reflects my spiritual journey through life.

I usually start my process with inspiration from a poem I have read, a place I have visited or an object I have seen. Never aiming to paint the exactness but endeavouring to capture the essence and feeling. I explore the unseen space between objects, words in poems and the energy dynamics of people and places. I am fascinated by the energy that is not seen but felt.

I see poems, music, places and people as abstract forms of colour. I try and evoke a feminine quality in my work a softness, fluidity a hidden depth. Which conveys that there is no separation with my spiritual belief of oneness.

Colour plays a fundamental role in my work. Each hue vibrating at is own frequency acting as a narrative for the painting instead of words or musical notes.

My practice is influenced not only by painting, but pouring glazes and paints and drawing lines using graphite or pastels. I work intuitively to create artworks that reflect my response to the outer world or what I SEE and feel. Part of the process is editing the work. I do this by painting over, covering up or masking to illuminate the hidden layers. This for me creates a sense of calm and peace and a hidden depth – a chance to breathe again.

The paintings echo how meditation works for me in my life.



Rostra Gallery, Bath 2018

The Art Agency, Esher

Vittel & Swig

Permanent collection at Thackerays Restaurant

Permanent collection at Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells

Siott Gallery London